Useful tips for improving potency
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Useful tips for improving potency

The reason for the relevance of potency problems in men

“Potency” is a sign of health, self-confidence and a source of inexhaustible pride for men. The term refers to the desire, and most importantly the ability, to live a sexual life. A potency disorder, or impotence, indicates that this aspect is lame. But what lies beneath impotence?

The term “erectile dysfunction” is used in medical practice – when there is an erectile dysfunction the patient has problems with arousal or the functional capacity of the penis. Another option is lack of penile tonus which prevents sexual intercourse and premature ejaculation (discharge of seminal fluid) which occurs prematurely and may be accompanied by painful sensations. Impotence on the other hand is absence of erection in general and is an extreme form of erectile dysfunction.

Erectile dysfunction is almost never an independent disease – often we are talking about serious systemic pathology affecting other organs. Also, reduced potency may be psychogenic underlying, to be a consequence of emotional trauma and constant stress.

About half of the stronger sex over 40 periodically encounter erectile dysfunction. And medical statistics predicts that the age of the disease is decreasing with every year: today doctors are seeing recent young men and even teenagers. Experts explain the situation by the change in the everyday lifestyle of city dwellers (a sedentary lifestyle without physical exertion, junk food), environmental problems, and even social networks in communication with women can create a negative background – the lack of communication in person at the initial stage of dating reduces the hormonal background of the man.

Many men turn to online pharmacy when they have erectile dysfunction problems, but should they resort to such methods right away?

What are the methods to improve potency?

To begin with, problems arise from a variety of different factors. Nerves, alcohol abuse, obesity, smoking, unbalanced diet – all lead to a decrease in sexual desire. So how to keep a man’s strength in tone?

List of foods that have a positive effect on libido:

  1. Root vegetables and salads without mayonnaise. Best friends: parsnips, carrots, fresh cabbage, celery, asparagus, beets, radishes. They are very high in zinc and selenium, which provoke a dramatic increase in testoterone energy.
  2. Fresh fruit and berries. Lots of beneficial micro- and macronutrients that saturate the body with positivity. Best effect on seed quality, immunity, male hormone production, stamina and desire for life.
  3. Fresh herbs. They are rich in vitamins and amino acids, useful for sexual power. In addition, it adds flavour and spice to food.
  4. Quail and chicken eggs, lean meat, seafood. Dairy products are also recommended.
  5. Garlic and onions. Their anti-inflammatory and tonic properties, combined with immunity strengthening, are also very important.
  6. Ginger root. Increases libido, can be added to tea and a variety of dishes to your liking.

Other ways to increase potency

Sexual desire can decrease due to physiological and psychological factors. The former include a decrease in the male hormone testosterone, prostatitis and adenoma, blood stagnation in the pelvic organs. The following rules may help to avoid problems with sexuality:

  • Showing physical activity – increases vitality and improves heart muscle function;
  • exercise classes, strength training, walking and cycling;
  • a sauna at least once every six months removes a lot of toxins from the body and improves blood flow;
  • foot massages and walking barefoot;
  • exercising and taking a contrast shower; regular intercourse is the main way to prevent a decline in libido;
  • reduce intake of unhealthy food, alcohol, coffee and antispasmodic pills;
  • hardening;
  • get at least seven hours of sleep a day, rest when overworked;
  • Stay away from negative emotions;
  • comfortable underwear.

Drinks that stimulate the potency

  • Pomegranate juice. Relaxes the blood vessels, improves blood circulation in the body and the penis in particular.
  • Carrot juice. Calms the nerves, stimulates the appetite in every sense of the word.
  • Celery juice. Normalizes the processes of the urinary system, improves erections.
  • Pumpkin juice. Excellent tool for the prevention of prostatitis and increase testosterone levels in the blood.


According to research on PubMed 15-20% of situations related to potency disorders can be explained by problems “in the head. Psychogenic dysfunction may be associated with chronic lack of sleep, stress, increased mental stress, as well as negative emotional situations related to sex. A man’s psyche is very sensitive and one may experience negative comments from his partner rather severely and then, out of fear of failure, subconsciously refrain from sexual intercourse, which looks impotent in fact.

Only a qualified specialist can determine the true nature of erectile dysfunction with the help of tests and examinations. But one thing is certain, if you have erections in the morning or at night, you should consider seeing a psychotherapist.

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