How does smoking affect potency?
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How does smoking affect potency?

This is one of the most popular questions, especially amongst those who are sceptical about the “smoking contributes to male impotence” thesis. This claim has been hotly debated for years and there seems to be no end in sight.

Some claim that smoking very quickly affected the quality of sexual life and contributed to a decline in erections, while other men claim that over the years of smoking have not noticed any changes.

A few decades ago, scientists were of the opinion that impotence was caused by psychological problems. Later, it was proven that psychological factors influenced erection in only 15% of cases.

With the development and emergence of new research methods it has been found out that potency is mainly dependant on various physiological factors, especially cardiovascular system. At that time, the link between smoking and the vascular system was established and it was established that smoking was one of the main risk factors for impotence.

Scientific studies have confirmed that nicotine weakens erections. This has been proven experimentally. Young men, who joined the first group, were asked to smoke 3 cigarettes in half an hour, while those in the second group were asked to abstain from smoking. As a result, members of the first group experienced a weakened erection, while those in the second group did not.

This particular test showed that there is an effect of smoking on potency, and it is negative. Smokers experience less vivid sexual arousal, sooner or later feel a decreased sex drive, and as a result face sexual dysfunction.

Dangers of smoking to the male sexual system

Smoking is the cause of atherosclerosis in men. The disease is caused by the formation of cholesterol plaques on the blood vessel walls, i.e. the cholesterol gets stuck in the blood vessels which narrows their clearance and makes it harder for the blood to move. As the blood circulation worsens, so does erectile dysfunction, which is directly linked to the circulation.

The insidiousness of smoking in relation to men’s health is that changes are not immediately noticeable. A man may remain sexually active for a month, a year or even a few years, but sooner or later it will become apparent that the rigidity of the penis during intercourse has become less.

Many men attribute this to fatigue, age, problems, health in general, but the fact that the cause of sexual impotence was smoking, will deny to the last. At the same time, cigarettes will continue to kill potency, driving a man to complete and irrevocable impotence.

Smoking and fertility

Numerous scientific studies have repeatedly shown that the negative effects of smoking on potency are not immediately detectable and depend on the “seniority” of the smoker. For example, 53% of men aged 45-50 years old are diagnosed with arterial blood flow disorders that are the main cause of potency disorders and their result – erectile dysfunction.

A similar study in the USA has shown that 30% of adult men suffer from impotence.

The harmful substances in cigarettes (toxins, carcinogens, tar) enter the male sexual organ through the bloodstream. The longer the smoking period, the lower the number of spermatozoa and their activity, and therefore the risk of infertility.

The first thing a fertility doctor recommends to all men who are examined for infertility is to stop smoking. Nicotine helps to narrow the blood vessels, weaken the potency and cause atherosclerosis. It is often a precursor of heart attacks, but it also leads to vascular blockages and is life-threatening.

Tobacco smoke contains carbon monoxide, also known as carbon monoxide, which reduces the oxygen supply to the organs, resulting in oxygen deprivation characterised by tiredness and headaches.

It is often heard from men who smoke that they and cigarettes have been inseparable for several years, but that they have no problems with sex. This may certainly be true, but it should be understood that most diseases creep up unnoticed and do not appear right away.

Cigarettes have a significant effect on the body in about 5-6 years, so you can’t talk about full health after that long period of smoking. If you have problems with potency, you can check the list of medicines in our online pharmacy.

What happens to your potency if you stop smoking?

Some studies show that after quitting smoking, potency gradually returns to the level of a healthy person. You shouldn’t expect a miraculous effect on the first day without cigarettes, but after 6 months the changes will be pronounced.

In addition, quitting smoking significantly reduces your chances of getting lung cancer. Within a certain period of time after the last cigarette you smoked, global changes occur in the organ: it is cleared of toxic tars and carcinogens, the lung capacity increases, breathing becomes easier, cough and shortness of breath disappear.

The harms of smoking extend not only to the smoker, but also to the people around them. Secondhand smoke can be hazardous, in particular for children, who, after inhaling tobacco smoke continuously, experience runny nose, inflammation of the ears and maxillary sinuses.

In summary, smoking and potency are two linked and incompatible things. Carcinogens and toxins, nicotine and tar in cigarettes will lead to weakening or complete disappearance of potency over time.

Most smokers sooner or later think about quitting their addiction, but it often proves stronger than the desire for a healthy lifestyle. Even knowing what harm cigarettes do to the body, and reproductive function in particular, people continue to smoke, and men do it, sacrificing an erection and the pleasure of sexual intimacy.

The most important thing for a smoker is to realise in time the damage that smoking even a few cigarettes a day does to his health, and to start fighting the habit when there is still time to correct the mistakes. Health, manhood and a trusting relationship with your other half are much more important than smoking. A source:

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