10 myths about potency
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10 myths about potency

Fast-paced modern life can’t help but take a toll on health. Men are traditionally at risk. Their constant haste, putting off going to the doctor, trying to earn as much as possible and to have time for everything, have devastating consequences. And sometimes not reversible.

This also affects potency. Body functions become weakened, and the “manhood” leaves his owner.

There are different opinions about the loss of one of the most important functions of male organism. Most of them are myths. They have to be distinguished from real problems.

The intimate sphere is always very sensitive and should be treated with caution. And do not immediately trust the opinions of friends, the internet or rumours. It is important to listen to experts in the field and to take approved medication.

One solution is to use Sildenafil (Viagra), which you can buy from our online pharmacy.

The real impotents, for whom the condition is likely to be a disease, are far fewer than is commonly believed. Everyone has his own character, his own biological rhythms. A lot in today’s world is built on sex.

Someone gets tired of the constancy, wants variety. But not every time your body can say “yes” in response to your desires. That’s when the Casanova sampler comes to the rescue. And then your desires will coincide with your possibilities.

However, no man is immune to impotence. In general, it is a threat to men who do not take care of their health and lead an irregular lifestyle. In professional terms, men with sedentary jobs, such as drivers, clerks in offices and even teachers are at risk. Stressful, stressful job, depression lead to loss of psychological resilience and, consequently, to a lowered erection potential.

Overweight is another reason for the loss of “manhood”. But alcohol, smoking and drugs have a more pernicious effect on men’s strength.

Scientists have found out that the condition of the mouth also has a negative effect on male potency. Dental caries is one of the causes of sexual insecurity.

Vegetarianism may also provoke impotence. Men have been eating meat since the dawn of time. This is inherent in them at a genetic level. It helps in the production of sex hormones. If that protein does not get into the bloodstream and other essential substances – then where does the male function come from?

If failure catches you off guard, don’t panic. For such titillating moments, we are pleased to offer you Viagra Soft. We already have samples on sale.

Myths about potency must be dispelled. Otherwise, it’s going to end badly. First you need to understand the causes of the situation of failure, and then work on them.

To date, there are 10 common myths about potency:

№ 1

A man’s sperm can form throughout his life. And the myth that it’s only 5,400 times is nonsense! Ejaculation cannot be counted.

№ 2

Lack of sex leads to total loss of function. Also a myth. Potency is affected by a variety of causes, and its absence is from another area altogether.

№ 3

Alcohol in small doses has never been detrimental to potency. On the contrary, in some situations it helps to relax and not feel stiff. To create a romantic situation, it’s just right. In large doses, it is contraindicated, and not only because of the inability to have sex.

№ 4

Another – myth – is the size of the genitals. Bigger is better and stronger. No. Size doesn’t matter in this case. It can sometimes have a bad effect. A man’s hormones and his constitution are the ingredients for success.

№ 5

There’s a common misconception that male sexual function declines after the age of 40. That’s not true. If his health allows, a man may be sexually active at the age of 90 and even become a father!

№ 6

One of the most common myths is that the constant change of partners increases sexual activity. It’s also a way to get laid, as if it’s healthy. A new woman is a kind of stress for most men, and few want to experience it all the time. Proven partner – is the key to success, the quality of sex and self-confidence.

№ 7

The myth that impotence is a sentence for life, has already proven to be untenable. At the first sign of it, you need to see a doctor urgently. The sooner you address the problem, the sooner you can get rid of it. Consult a psychologist or a sex therapist.

№ 8

It is also a myth that masturbation reduces potency. This is not true. Masturbation is also a form of sexual activity that can, in some cases, support sexual activity. The important thing is that it does not become an addiction. It is no substitute for real sexual activity.

№ 9

The more often, the stronger the function. Another one of the myths about potency. Only real, strong feelings can strengthen a man’s strength. Frequent changes of partners is a way to wear out the body, venereal diseases. Sex and measure – there has to be a balance in everything.

№ 10

The opinion that smoking and alcohol directly affect male hormone levels. This is not true. Even men who are perfectly healthy and athletic can face the same problems as all normal men. Anyone can face the trouble. Only a specialist can help.  A source: https://en.wikipedia.org/

We’ve outlined the main myths that are prevalent among men. You should never trust rumors and unverified facts. Your main helpers are specialist doctors and faith in your own strength. Despite the sensitivity of the situation, it is in your hands and in your power to fix it!

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