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Welcome to our online pharmacy

In our online pharmacy you can buy the most popular and effective drugs for the treatment of erectile dysfunction in men.
Since 2010, thousands of clients have turned to us for medication to restore sexual function and increase strength. The range is represented by original drugs and generics, such as Viagra, Cialis, Levitra. Each drug is valid, as confirmed by relevant documents.
A prescription is not required to order on our website. The operator can advise the buyer and answer any questions.
Express delivery is valid throughout Europe and Sweden. The ordered goods are delivered to the buyer as soon as possible.

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Discount system

The prices at the online pharmacy LTPharma are one of the most profitable drugs for male strength in the entire market. A wide range of original and generic products enables customers to choose the most appropriate drug.
A significant advantage of our online pharmacy compared to other outlets of similar drugs is that a 10% discount is provided for repeated ordering of a product.
In addition, if the sum of the first purchase and all subsequent orders is over 120eur (about $150), the goods will be delivered free of charge to the buyer.

Ordering from an online pharmacy without a prescription

You can order original products or generics to increase strength and treat erectile dysfunction in our online pharmacy with a few clicks in 5-10 minutes.
Upon contact with the Ltpharma pharmacy, customers are guaranteed full confidentiality. Do not worry that personal information may become known to third parties.
No medical prescription is required to purchase medication. This is very convenient for men who are uncomfortable with their intimate problem for the doctor.
But if a man does not hesitate to visit a doctor, it is better to consult a specialist. After the diagnosis, the doctor will choose the appropriate drug, calculate its correct dosage to avoid the occurrence of side effects and allergies. A specialist will also be able to identify incompatibility with an erection enhancer with other medications if the patient takes them.
After entering the correct dose of the medicine from the doctor, a man will in future be able to buy the necessary cure at the Ltpharma pharmacy on his own.


Viagra is the most famous and popular drug in the world for improving male potency. The original drug was developed by the American company Pfizer. Sales of Viagra began in 1998. Medical researchers have been conducting clinical trials of tablets for many years, confirming their effectiveness. Because of this, the price of the drug is quite high.
The accelerated rhythm of life, stress, poor ecology contribute to an increase in the number of stronger sexes suffering from erectile dysfunction. For many men, the use of Viagra has become a real salvation. At the same time, even the high cost of tablets should not hesitate before buying.
The active substance in Viagra Original is sildenafil. This component is an inhibitor that blocks blood flow and reduces the tension in the muscles of the male genitalia. By penetrating the circulatory system, sildenafil relaxes the blood vessels, improves blood circulation in the genitals during intimate stimulation. As a result, blood circulation in the male genital area improves and a long and natural erection occurs. By taking the drug, you can have intercourse several times in a row, with short breaks for recovery.
Some men hesitate to buy Viagra because of its high cost. The high cost of tablets is due to the cost of ongoing clinical trials, marketing and advertising expenses. But people do not care about the company’s advertising costs, they need some effective tool. For this reason, representatives of the stronger sex are studying the pharmaceutical market in search of a cheaper analogue with Viagra Original.
Analogs of the original Viagra – Viagra generic and Kamagra . With their help, complete erectile dysfunction and a weak manifestation of strength are treated.
The active ingredient is sildenafil, as in the original Viagra. This agent is an inhibitor of the PDE-5 component which is responsible for soft muscle relaxation and ejaculation. The active ingredient prevents premature ejaculation and thus increases sexual intercourse. But for sildenafil to work, natural sexual stimulation is required.


Cialis is a product from the American company Eli Lilly, marketed since 2003 This pharmacological medicine is used to treat impotence in men due to physiological, psychological or mixed causes.
Clinical studies conducted by medical researchers on 3,000 patients over eight years have confirmed the efficacy of the drug.
The active substance in Cialis is tadalafil. It is responsible for relaxing the muscle tissue in the prostate gland and bladder and inhibits the PDE-5 substance that interferes with the normal erection process. Inhibition of the enzyme helps to increase the amount of cyclic guanosine monophosphate, relax soft muscles and dilate and fill the blood vessels with blood. As a result, blood circulation in the genital area improves and a natural long-term erection occurs. Cialis is recommended for men suffering from erectile dysfunction and prostate enlargement at the same time.
The analog of the original Cialis is generic Cialis . It is produced by various Indian companies. The active ingredient in the composition is tadalafil, as in the original preparation. Therefore, the analog is not inferior in efficiency to the originals.
Generic is a certified but generic product: it has not been formulated from the ground up and has not been tested in long clinical trials. In addition, no funds were spent on his patents and advertising. Therefore, the cost of a generic drug is much lower than that of the original Cialis.


It is believed that Levitra is the safest drug available to fight erectile dysfunction in men. The original pharmaceutical product is manufactured by the German company Bayer Pharma AG. Large clinical trials by medical researchers have led to a fairly high price of tablets.
Original Levitra is more effective than Viagra. It is used for erectile dysfunction in men caused by various reasons.
Vardenafil is the active ingredient in Levitra. It has a positive effect on the condition of the blood vessels’ internal lining, their function in men with ischemic heart disease and heart failure. A single dose of the drug or a course helps to increase blood flow in the genitals. Levitra is often prescribed to treat chronic prostatitis for 30 days. When using the product, the vessels in the reproductive system are trained, the metabolism is accelerated.

Enjoy sex without problems with strength

Issues related to intimate problems in men do not lose their relevance. But under the conditions of modern life, the problem of impotence has become more acute. Men’s health is exposed daily to the negative effects of external factors: stress, poor ecology, bad habits, taking various medications, lack of opportunity and time for good rest. Decreased strength has become a problem not only for mature men but also for young men
The basis of a harmonious sexual relationship is health, a positive attitude and trust in a partner. A man feels happy and satisfied if he can realize himself in sex. To regain self-confidence, restore sexual desire, a man must participate in optimal physical activity and eat healthy and wholesome. As an additional aid before sexual intercourse, you can use explicit drugs that increase male potency. Modern research and development has led to the creation of effective means to improve erectile function.

Our online pharmacy offers customers effective, certified and approved by pharmacological specialists to increase the strength and fight erectile dysfunction in men: Viagra, Levitra and Cialis.